Friday, April 26, 2013

Scythebill 9.2.0 - better editing and (some big) bug fixes

Scythebill 9.2.0 is now available!

It's available a bit earlier than I intended (and so with a few less features), but it includes a fix for a fairly unpleasant bug.  If you entered sightings with the IOC taxonomy, additional sighting details (comments, heard-only, etc.) were dropped - only the species, location, and date were getting saved.  (The bug didn't affect data entry with Clements.)  Thanks enormously to Kev for the bug report!

That fix aside, Scythebill 9.2.0 includes a bunch of new features, mostly around improved editing support.

Full IOC subspecies support (almost)

Prior versions of Scythebill did not let you enter IOC subspecies where there was no corresponding Clements subspecies - this affected somewhere over 1000 IOC subspecies!  You can now enter almost all of these - there's about a dozen or so that are not yet supported.

Bulk editing

In both "Browse by species" and "Browse by location", you can select a slew of sightings (of a single species) and edit fields en masse.  This is especially handy, for example, in setting "Introduced" status correctly - for the "NIB" listers (No Introduced Birds) among us.

Browse by location improvements

  • You can now enter new locations right from Browse by location.  Select the existing location where you want to add a sub-location first, and click "New..." at the bottom
  • You can select multiple locations and drag-and-drop them onto another location (for example, if you entered several locations as directly in the United Kingdom, and wanted to move them into England, inside the UK).
  • You can now use the Cut/Copy/Paste menu items to move sightings to an alternate location. (Before, you could only drag-and-drop)

Easier "Sp." resolution

You can now select "Sp." sightings in "Browse by species" and "Browse by location" and resolve them to a single taxon (one at a time, or en masse).  This is especially handy if you're switching between Clements and IOC - is that Osprey you entered in Clements an IOC Western Osprey or Eastern Osprey?

Smaller fixes

  • Selection was sometimes incorrect after pasting sightings.  Most of these problems have been resolved.
  • While entering sightings, changing the subspecies by the keyboard would move the keyboard focus onto the Cancel button... and selecting Cancel would drop all your sightings without any warning!  Both halves are fixed - focus moves to the table, and clicking Cancel will always warn you that sightings will be lost.
  • Some small UI glitches displaying and editing "sp." sightings have been fixed.
  • A few alternate names now say "- in part" (for example "Capped Seedeater", which was split to Copper Seedeater and Pearly-bellied Seedeater).  More will come in the future.
As always, if you have any issues with Scythebill, please let me know, either by email or on the issue tracker.  Cheers!