Sunday, February 17, 2019

Scythebill 14.4 - Bird Brain and Birder's Diary imports, and easier navigation

Scythebill 14.4 is now available, with support for importing from Bird Brain, vastly improved Birder's Diary imports, an easy way to jump to a single species in Show reports and Browse by location, and a few small fixes.  As always, download here, and let me know if you have any problems, either on Facebook or by email

Bird Brain imports

Bird Brain is MacOS-only software for bird listing.  Scythebill can now import from its CSV exports, making an even ten supported import formats!  If you're a Bird Brain user, just:
  • "Select Export/Import in CSV format..." from the File menu, and then "Export All Records Data as .csv File"
  • You'll get an "Exported BB7 Sightings.csv" in your Bird Brain folder;  import that into Scythebill. 
As best I know, this only works for Bird Brain 7... it might or might not for earlier versions, and if you happen to use such an earlier version, please let me know one way or the other.

Birder's Diary imports

Birder's Diary imports were added in Scythebill 14.2.  However, it would seem that I added support for a rather old version of Birder's Diary!  Scythebill 14.4 supports modern versions of Birder's Diary, and should do well at importing the latest files from Birder's Diary 5.

"Jump to" species in more places

A number of users have noted that it's a bit tedious to look for a single species in a list in Show reports and Browse by location, especially for long lists.

Scythebill (finally) has a "Type a species name" field near the top of both these two pages, so you can use the same technique from Browse by species.

Show reports

Browse by location

Smaller fixes

Beyond this, only a few changes:
  • Since IOC 8.2, I've been mishandling the "centralis" subspecies of African Grey Woodpecker - it's accidentally been mapped to the "centralis" subspecies of Cardinal Woodpecker. Shouldn't affect many people, but if you've been persistent at choosing subspecies in IOC and bird Africa, you might have stumbled over this.
  • As always, a smattering of changes to checklists, including first county records and status fixes.