Sunday, January 28, 2018

Scythebill 13.9.1 - IOC 8.1, Wildlife Recorder imports, and more

Scythebill 13.9.1 is now available!  As always, download here, and let me know if you have any problems, either on Google+Facebook, or by email.  This version includes the brand-new IOC 8.1 taxonomy, support for importing from Wildlife Recorder, and a bunch of smaller changes.

Update: Scythebill 13.9.2 is out, largely to fix glitches in Wildlife Recorder imports.  There's also now an "and save..." checkbox when entering sightings, enabled by default, which will save altogether as soon as you click "Done".

IOC 8.1

The IOC 8.1 checklist is now available, and you can update to it just by installing the latest version of Scythebill.  This time around, there's 6 splits from around the world, as well as a couple of lumps.

There's also a couple of subspecies which have moved from one species to another - in particular, the Indochinese subspecies "viridis" has moved from Black-backed Swamphen to Grey-headed Swamphen, which might affect your list.

Wildlife Recorder imports

Scythebill now supports importing Wildlife Recorder "trip" exports.  Please export with headers and coordinates enabled.  This is a beta version - please do let me know if you run into any problems.

Better imports

"Scythebill"-format imports are now a lot more flexible in handling the date column.   I still recommend "yyyy-MM-dd" formats (like 2018-01-27), but most date formats should import cleanly.  Let me know if you hit upon one that doesn't!

Imports from eBird checklists (and Wildlife Recorder imports) should be even less work, as Scythebill now takes advantage of latitude/longitude from existing sightings and eBird's database of birding locales.  (And this should continue to get better in the future.)

Smaller features

Scythebill now supports "Big Months" in addition to "Big Days" and "Big Years".

Scythebill now comes with "United States (Pacific Ocean)" and "United States (West Indies)" checklists.

The "Heard only" indicator - (H) - on sightings in "Browse by species" now comes right after the date, instead of after the date and location.  (It was often scrolled off the screen altogether

You can now generate reports by exact breeding codes (like "Nest Building"), not just categories like "Probable".  There's also a couple of new breeding codes from eBird - "Multiple (7+) singing males" and "Singing Male Present 7+ Days", both of which are considered "Probable" breeding.  You can read the full list of breeding codes and their descriptions on the eBird site.

The "Visits" header inside "Browse by location" now shows the total number of visits to a site (e.g., "Visits (83)").

Bug fixes

In some unusual circumstances, data entry could drop single-digit species counts.