Friday, April 26, 2019

Scythebill 14.5 (and 14.5.1) - Spanish language and more

Scythebill 14.5.1 is now available, with a full translation into Spanish and a bunch of small features.  As always, download here, and let me know if you have any problems, either on Facebook or by email

(I forgot to put up a blog post for Scythebill 14.5.0, so this one covers both versions.  This page says which feature and fix went in which version.)

Spanish translation!

Scythebill (as of 14.5.0) will now display its entire user interface in Spanish if that's your preferred language!

A lot of this comes from automatic online translation.  While the technology has improved dramatically in recent years, it's still far, far from a perfect translation.  If you speak Spanish, and see any mistakes or areas for improvement in Scythebill's translations, please let me know!  Or: Si habla español y ve algún error o área de mejora en las traducciones de Scythebill, ¡hágamelo saber!

Better re-importing of eBird "Download my Data"

Scythebill is now a lot better at letting you re-import the eBird "Download my Data" export, which is pretty useful when you've entered a bunch of new checklists into eBird.  You'll get some (hopefully) clearer text about just what's going to happen.

For example, I've been a bit lazy about consistently importing my eBird mobile app outings back into Scythebill.  With 14.5.1, I can export all my eBird data, import it, and just click "yes" on this alert to get just my new sightings cleanly imported.


This feature is currently restricted just to eBird "Download my Data", but if any of you have a need to reimport a full set of data from another piece of software, let me know - this can easily be extended to other import types.

Small features

  • 14.5.1: Reports have two small new rules: you can request sightings where either the Location or Date "is not set".
  • 14.5.1: The species information pane atop Enter Sightings is more consistent and cleaner with how it displays common and scientific names for subspecies.
  • 14.5.0: There's a new "Download updates..." option in the Help menu, as a shortcut for visiting the Scythebill download page.  There's also a "Download taxonomies..." button on the "Manage taxonomies" page to open up a browser and download new extended taxonomies.

Bugs fixed

  • 14.5.1: A long-standing bug could have resulted in losing Visit Data information;  to trigger it, you had to start from Browse by location, find a visit, click Edit sightings..., then click "Back".
  • 14.5.1: The Extended Taxonomy CSV format now uses "Taxonomy ID" as the first column header instead of just "ID", because Excel is Very Very Silly.
  • 14.5.1: Every time Scythebill included an IOC taxonomic update, and you had to do any species resolution, Scythebill forced you into viewing your records with the IOC taxonomy, and you had to manually switch back to eBird/Clements if that's what you want.  That's fixed.
  • 14.5.1: Remembered reports using a combination of "Never" and "Heard only" showed wrong totals on the main Scythebill page.
  • 14.5.0: Scythebill is once again able to use eBird's APIs to find hotspots.