Sunday, October 23, 2016

Scythebill 13.2.5 - IOC 6.4, and a few fixes

Scythebill 13.2.5 is here! As always, download here, and let me know if you have any problems, either on Google+Facebook, or by email.   This release includes the brand-new IOC 6.4 checklist, as well as a few bug fixes.

IOC 6.4 taxonomy

The IOC 6.4 taxonomy was just made available, and Scythebill already supports it!  This includes 4 splits and three lumps;  see the full list here.

Along with this taxonomy, Scythebill supports another two set of name translations for IOC - Icelandic and Indonesian (in each case, the species found in that country only).

Bugs fixed

Three report options could break if you used extended taxonomies - "First Records", "Subspecies", and "Sp/Hybrid".

The "Sp/Hybrid?" report option did not work entirely correctly with the IOC taxonomy;  it would sometimes show "spuh"s of eBird/Clements groups even when you only requested "species".

Checklist improvements

Phil T. contributed a series of checklist fixes.  Other improvements included:
  • Several species missing from each of the Sumatra and Java checklists.
  • The range of Large vs. Dark Hawk-Cuckoo was off.
  • Perija Tapaculo and Baliem Whistler were entirely missing from any checklists.
  • Several first country and state records are included, such as those from the Siberian Accentor invasion of Europe.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Scythebill 13.2.4 - several small features

Scythebill 13.2.4 is here! As always, download here, and let me know if you have any problems, either on Google+Facebook, or by email.   This is a fairly bug-fix release with a few small features.

Small features

If you find a visit in Browse by location, click Edit sightings..., and finish editing, Scythebill used to drop you back on the main menu.  It now takes you right back to that visit, which makes it much, much easier to quickly edit a series of visits!  Also, the list of visits is now inclusive of all taxonomies, which makes it easier to add extended taxonomy sightings (reptiles, butterflies, etc.) to existing visits with bird sightings.

When printing or exporting as a spreadsheet from Show reports, there's a new option - "Only countable sightings?".   By default, Scythebill will include uncountable sightings (escapees, identification-not-certain, heard-only or introduced if you don't count those, etc.) in the printout or spreadsheet, but omit them from any total count.  This will omit them altogether.  This is especially useful if you're trying to identify your 1000th lifer with "Sort by date", since you won't have the uncountable sightings clogging up the works.

Printing from Show reports will now include a family count and the possible number of families for the selected location (or the world), if you select "Show families?".  (That total includes extinct families, so if you think you've seen all 237 families, and are wondering what the 238th is, remember Mohoidae and feel sad.)

Extended taxonomies have a couple of new features:
  • A "Notes" column in your imports can attach taxonomic information about a species.
  • The subspecies column is a bit more forgiving - it can contain a full trinomial, instead of needing just the subspecies name.

Import improvements

Taxonomic vagaries sometimes mean that the common name in an import refers to one species today, and the scientific name to another.  Before, Scythebill would merely use the common name and stop.  Now, Scythebill will create a "spuh" of both - unless only one of the two is on the checklist for a given country.  (There's no easy answers, but this should reduce how often importing makes an undetected wrong guess.)

When Scythebill needs you to clarify a location name during import - because, for example, the import file just has a location name and no country, state, etc. - it will now let you choose a pre-existing location even if the location name isn't an exact match.

Scythebill is better at importing eBird checklists if you'd set your eBird preferences to use only a scientific name.

BirdLasser imports with a single failed row might fail the entire import.  As with other imports, it now imports the successful rows and dumps the unsuccessful rows into a separate file.  Also, the "LL:" notes added for per-sighting latitude and longitude in BirdLasser (and Observado) imports is now automatically stripped when re-exporting for eBird (as this seems a better privacy approach).

The eBird import format is a common export format for many birding apps;  Scythebill is now a bit more liberal in allowing import of those files.  This may smooth the process when importing from BirdJournal, in particular.

Other bugs

  • When entering species, dropping a photo on the "Photos" column did add the photo - but it did not set the "Photographed" checkbox.  It does now.
  • Earlier buggy imports would sometimes import Hawaiian sightings into "United States (North America)" instead of "United States (Pacific Ocean)".  This should now be fixed (and retroactively - locations should be cleaned up).
  • Likewise, some imports would import the Falkland Islands as a state of the United Kingdom.  They are now moved to the Falkland Islands "country" in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Several text panels used to start (inconveniently) scrolled to the bottom;  this should not happen anymore.
  • Some cases where Windows users were forced to run Scythebill as an administrator to successfully save should now be resolved.
  • Lat/long location choosing in Indonesia should be somewhat better.  (It's still not great.)
  • Checklist improvements were made several countries, including a couple dozen recent first records.