Sunday, November 26, 2017

Scythebill 13.9 - ABA region updates and bug fixes

Scythebill 13.9 is now available!  As always, download here, and let me know if you have any problems, either on Google+Facebook, or by email.  This version updates the definition of the ABA region - most notably, now including Hawaii, and includes some other fixes.

ABA Region improvements

As of the ABA Checklist Version 8.0, Hawaii (including the Northwestern Islands, like Midway) is now part of the ABA Region.  Scythebill now adopts that treatment.

If you want to keep track of the old definition, Scythebill has added a reporting region called "ABA region (without Hawaii)".

Related to ABA listing, though not the ABA region itself: the Azores and Madeira are now included in Europe, after confirming this treatment with the ABA listing committee.

Small changes

  • The Scythebill installer will now add desktop shortcuts on Windows and Linux.
  • Banggai and Taliabu Leaf Warblers - two undescribed taxa from Indonesia - are now supported.
  • The preferences for IOC and eBird/Clements common names previously included an  "English (UK)" option which confused multiple users.  It makes Scythebill use BOU names where applicable, names like "Wren" and "Swallow".  It's been renamed to "English (BOU)" to make clear its intent.
As always, there's lots of small checklist improvements reflecting both corrections and recent new records.

Bug fixes

    • The "Verify against checklists..." feature would incorrectly report some species as not found in the United Kingdom (e.g. Black-bellied/Grey Plover).
    • If you accidentally dragged some built-in locations (e.g. "Orange County") out of their parent, and wanted to move it back to its original location, Scythebill would give an error message.  This is fixed.
    • One user reported that on Windows 10, trying to import a checklist was now crashing Scythebill!  This should be resolved, though it apparently was not happening to most users.
    • Fixed an error ("Comparison method violates...") that could happen in "Browse by species" in some unusual cases.
    • Fixed an error triggered when editing a custom checklist and then switching between IOC and eBird/Clements.
    • Exporting eBird checklists for Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and the Northern Marianas would potentially not handle those regions' "states" correctly.
    • The built-in checklist for the Ă…land Islands was not loading.