Clements 6.7 subspecies changes

Scythebill supports the Clements Checklist, version 6.7 (late 2012).  However, as part of simultaneously supporting the IOC list, a number of subspecies have been moved from one species to another or (more often) one group to another to allow simpler alignment of these two taxonomies.    I believe these to represent errors in the Clements taxonomy (and will report them as such to Cornell).

Species-level changes

Sacred/Collared Kingfishers
Move “Fiji” group from Sacred to Collared Kingfishers.

Black-spotted Barbet
Reassign orosae, amazonicus, nitidior, and hypochondriacus to Gilded Barbet.

Rusty-breasted Cuckoo
Reassign subspecies aeruginosus to Moluccan Cuckoo.

Black Myzomela
Reassigned ernstmayeri, hades, ramsayi, nigerrima from Black Myzomela (Papuan mainland, Waigeo, Louisiade etc.) to Ebony Myzomela (small Admiralty and St. Matthias islets).

Dusky Fulvetta
Reassign mandelli, intermedius, and genestieri to Rusty-capped Fulvetta.

Lesser Whitethroat
Reassign “jaxartica” to Small Whitethroat (where some authorities even synonymize with minula).

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher
Reassign Baja ssps. pontilis and margaritae to California Gnatcatcher.

Red-headed Parrotfinch
Reassign Vanuatu ssps. efatensis and serena to Royal Parrotfinch.

Tricolored Munia
Reassign ssp. rubonigra to Chestnut Munia (Tricolored is monotypic).

Group-level changes

Fulvous-breasted Woodpecker
Reassign andamensis and analis to “Spot-breasted” group (Freckle-breasted Woodpecker) in IOC.

Buff-breasted Paradise-Kingfisher
Reassign leucura to “Black-capped” group

Barn Owl
Move ssp. sumabensis from to “Eurasian” group to “Australian”

Rufous-fronted Thornbird
Reassign castilloi from “Rufous-fronted” to group to “Plain”

White-fringed Antwren
Reassign alticincta, hondae, tobagensis, fumosa, and orenocensis from “Southern” group to “Northern”.  “Southern” is restricted to rufiventris, grisea, and deluzae.

Graceful Honeyeater
Reassigned stevensi from “Graceful” group to “Elegant”.  This poorly known form might even belong to Mimic Honeyeater.

Four-colored Bushshrike
Reassigned nigricauda and quartus from “viridis” group to “Four-colored”.

Tropical Boubou
Reassigned ambiguus, limpopoensis, and mossambicus from “Ethiopian” group to “Tropical”.

Common Bulbul
Reassigned layardi and spurius from “Common” to “Dark-capped”

Shelley’s Greenbul
Added subspecies kungwensis to “Kakamega” group

Long-tailed Tit
Reassigned subspecies vinaceus to “Silver-throated” group

Banded Prinia
Reassigned subspecies obscura to “Black-throated” group

Gray-cheeked Fulvetta
Reassigned yunnanensis to “Yunnan” group, schaefferi to “David’s” group, and rufescentior to “Huet’s” group.  The only remaining taxon in the “Gray-cheeked” group is morrisonia (a Taiwanese endemic).

Mourning Wheatear
Reassigned boscaweni from “Mourning” group to “Arabian”.

Masked Yellowthroat
Reassigned peruviana from “Masked” to “Black-lored” group.

Black-faced Dacnis
Reassigned aequatorialis from “Black-faced” to “Yellow-tufted” group

Mountain Warbler
Move all Philippine subspecies to “Negros” group:  peterseni, benguetensis, diuatae, mindanensis, malindangensis, flavostriatus

Asian Koel
Reassign picatus, rufiventer, salvadorii, and alberti from “Asian” to “Pacific” groups

Great Tit
Reassign nigriloris and commixtus from “Cinereous” to “Japanese” group.

Rock Martin
Reassign pusilla from to "Pale Crag-Martin" to "Rock" group.

Brown-capped Woodpecker
Reassign cinereigula (of s India) from "Sunda" to "Brown-capped" group.

Little Grebe
Reassign collaris from "Little" to "Tricolored" group.


Javan Frogmouth
Added "chaseni" subspecies, found on Palawan.  IOC considers this a full species.

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