Monday, December 2, 2013

Scythebill 10.0.1 - important bug fixes

Scythebill 10.0.1 is now available!   Download it here, and please follow Scythebill on Google+ or Facebook for updates.

This release fixes a few significant bugs introduced in Scythebill 10.0, in particular a bug that could cause problems when entering complex location hierarchies.

Scythebill 10.0.1 also fixes the import of eBird "Checklist" export files (exports from a single sighting), greatly improves the behavior when importing Birder's Diary-generated eBird imports, and does a much better job of automatically preserving groups and subspecies in eBird imports.

This release also includes lots of checklist improvements, especially in Bolivia and New Mexico, as well as fixing the ranges of Long-tailed vs. Exclamatory Paradise Whydah, Whiskered vs. Sulphur-rumped Myiobius, as well as Mongolian Finch and Sunda Scops Owl.

Please continue to send in your results from the "Verify against checklists..." menu!

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