Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Scythebill 13.9.3 - small changes and fixes

Scythebill 13.9.3 is now available!  As always, download here, and let me know if you have any problems, either on Google+Facebook, or by email.  This version includes a number of small improvements and bug fixes requested by users.

Faster checklist data entry

In non-checklist species entry, you've long been able to type numbers right into the species selection field, and Scythebill would jump you straight into the "count" field for the current species;  and from there you can type letters like "h", "i", "m", and "f" to flip some of the sighting flags;  and then Return jumps you write back to species entry.  Handy!  But not very helpful for checklist entry.  Now it works there too!  You don't even have to tap the space bar to enter a species - just start typing the number of individuals you saw, and it'll add the species to your list, and start entering the number!

Small improvements

  • Scythebill has upgraded to the 2017 IUCN Red List - a list of species conservation status, from Least Concern down to Critically Endangered and Extinct.  The news isn't all bad ... but it's mostly not good.
  • In Show reports and Browse by location, genera are now only abbreviated after the first time they're shown (so Rhea americana and R. pennata, not R. americana and R. pennata).
  • In Browse by species, sightings are now ordered starting with the most recent sightings, with the oldest at the bottom.  (Everything else always behaved that way;  this is a long-standing inconsistency.)
  • As always, this version has a number of smaller range corrections and first-country records.

Bugs fixed

  • On MacOS, dragging photos into Scythebill was broken.  This should now work.
  • BirdLasser imports started behaving very oddly in Scythebill 13.9.1 if you hadn't set an explicit name for each location you entered in BirdLasser.  This should be fixed.
  • Clicking "Add species" in Browse by location in Species you haven't seen here mode showed error dialogs and otherwise behaved oddly.  It should now work.
  • In the Show reports screen, the "Print..." and "Export to a spreadsheet" options now treat "Show threatened status" consistently - anything Vulnerable or worse (so not Least Concern or Near Threatened).

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