Thursday, May 7, 2020

Scythebill 14.8.4 - small features and fixes

Scythebill 14.8.4 is now available, with a few small features and fixes.  As always, download here, and let me know if you have any problems, either on Facebook or by email.

This is a small update, with two new features:

  • There's a new "Oriental region" option in reporting - you can choose it as a location name.  It follows the Oriental Bird Club's region as best it can.  It is a bit off in two specific geographic regions.  First, it includes all of Indonesia's Maluku region - but the Aru Islands are not part of the Oriental region.  Second, it includes all Russian districts that are at all east of 90° longitude, when technically those portions west of 90° should not be.
  • There's a new "Signs only" sighting status option, which you can use for times when you've observed signs of a species - an abandoned nest, footprints, mammal spoor - without seeing the species itself.  Such sightings are not countable.
There's also a few bug fixes:
  • HBW Alive imports are now much more accurate, just in time for HBW Alive to shut down ... (The site is closing on May 11th.)
  • Saved reports that used "Or" or "Never" on the first row wouldn't restore properly - they'd show as "And".
  • Some Linux users were seeing "File has been modified!" warnings very shortly after saving.  These should (hopefully) be resolved.

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