Sunday, July 7, 2024

Scythebill 16.5 - multi-taxonomy spreadsheets

Scythebill 16.5 is now available!  There's new features for creating spreadsheets across all taxonomies in one go, and an important fix to importing.  As always, download here, and let me know if you have any problems, either on Facebook or by email.

Update: Scythebill 16.5.1 was released on July 8th - it fixes one bug with multi-taxonomy checklist spreadsheets.

One spreadsheet, all taxonomies

Before this version, if you wanted to create checklists or save a report as a spreadsheet, it would only export one taxonomy at a time.

Now, there's a new option, both in Show reports and Browse by location, "Include all taxonomies?".   If you choose Export sightings... ... to a spreadsheet, or you save a location checklist with Save as spreadsheet..., you'll get this new option.

When you use this option, the spreadsheet will have separate sheets for each taxonomy:

Example report spreadsheet

Totals in saved checklists

At the top of a checklist spreadsheet, you'll see a summary line outlining how many species are on the checklist, as well as how many are endemic, possible lifers, and how many you've recorded in that location.

A Taiwan checklist - my birding there was limited to the airport. (11 species isn't so bad, considering!)

This is the same summary line that shows up atop Browse by locations, though in this release I've tried to improve that (and this) text to be more self-explanatory.

Other changes

One important bug fix: an error message could appear during location resolution while importing sightings.  (This was introduced in Scythebill 16.4.)

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