Scythebill downloads

The current version of Scythebill is 12.9.1, and you can download versions for Windows, MacOS and Linux, as well as a cross-platform version that'll work everywhere else.

Download links

More detailed instructions are below, but if you know what you're doing, download the appropriate file for your operating system:

Linux installer (32-bit)
Linux installer (64-bit)

If you're using an operating system other than Windows, MacOS, or Linux, you might want the cross-platform JAR;  you'll need to also install Java.

Windows downloads

Instructions (installer version):
  1. Download the installer, and run it.
  2. Open "Launch Scythebill" inside the new Scythebill shortcut in the Start menu (or double-click on any existing .bsxm sightings file)
Many thanks to BitRock for making their installers freely available for open-source software.

MacOS downloads

  1. Download the above .zip file.
  2. Open it to decompress it, and open the scythebill-12.9.1.dmg file that is produced
  3. Open the now-available Scythebill 12.9.1 disk, and drag Scythebill from it into your Applications folder.
  4. Open Scythebill (from your Applications folder)
Scythebill now requires MacOS 10.7 (Lion) or newer - which covers all versions of MacOS back to 2011.  If you still need a version of Scythebill that runs on MacOS 10.6, please let me know, and I can look into once again distributing a version that supports it.

Linux downloads

Linux installer (32-bit) 
Linux installer (64-bit) 

 (Or use the cross-platform JAR, see below)

  1. Download the appropriate installer
  2. Open a terminal, and type (for 32-bit):
    chmod u+x ~/Downloads/; ~/Downloads/

    ...or for 64-bit:

    chmod u+x ~/Downloads/; ~/Downloads/
  3. Run Scythebill with ~/Scythebill/

Many thanks to BitRock for making their installers freely available for open-source software.

Cross-platform JAR

You can use this file to run Scythebill on any operating system, but it requires a Java installation, and is missing many of the niceties of the native applications above.

  1. Download the .zip file and unzip into a JAR file
  2. Install Java (Java 7) or later
  3. Open the JAR file (or run from a terminal with "java -jar scythebill-12.9.1.jar"

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