Monday, August 5, 2013

Scythebill 9.2.2 - a bug fix release

Scythebill 9.2.2 is now available!  Unlike the feature-ific recent releases, this one fixes some small bugs that have crept in over the past couple of releases.

Get it here from the new download page.

And you can get more updates by following Scythebill on Google+ or Facebook.


  • You no longer have to click the "Save" button when editing existing sightings - sightings are automatically saved when you click away.
  • (Windows only)  Print... now works if your default browser is Internet Explorer.
  • (MacOS only) A separate release for MacOS Lion (10.7) or newer is available.  For at least one user, this resolved a problem where keyboard input was ignored. (Thanks to Philip S. for the report, and for sticking around for the lengthy diagnosis!)
  • Lifers once again appear in bold when entered.
  • Dragging around locations in "Browse by locations" no longer snaps the scrollbar up to the top.
  • Error windows that appeared when entering sightings at a continent or ocean level (like "Atlantic Ocean") are fixed. (Thanks to Shelley R. for the report.)
  • Error windows that appeared when editing sightings that had no date are fixed. (Thanks to Howard W. for the report.)


  • The "choose-your-own-abbreviation" list of species now takes time-of-year into account when sorting!  Species that you've only seen at a location in the winter will move to the top in the winter, and lower in the summer, and so forth.

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