Sunday, August 25, 2013

Scythebill 9.3.0 - eBird/Clements 6.8 checklist is now available!

Scythebill 9.3.0 is now available!  The highlight of this version is the new eBird/Clements 6.8 checklist.  Download it here, and follow Scythebill on Google+ or Facebook for more updates.

If you're wondering what happened in Clements 6.8, I've written a summary in the previous Scythebill blog post.

Along with that checklist, there's a new taxonomy upgrade screen that will let you quickly resolve any splits or other taxonomic conundrums this revision of Clements introduces.  This screen is also the subject of the first How-To video for Scythebill.  Let me know how this format works for you - I'll make more if this is useful.

One other notable feature new to 9.3.0:  eBird import supports importing eBird import files.  This is especially useful because a lot of other bird software programs support generating those import files, so this is a reasonable way to get data from another program (like BirdBase) into Scythebill.

Scythebill 9.3.0 includes a number of smaller features and fixes:

  • eBird export now includes scientific names.
  • Popup performance on the MacOS Lion/Mountain Lion version of Scythebill was often terrible.  This should be much better. Thanks to Yann M. for the report.
  • Earlier versions gave a lousy error message if you tried to save into a non-writable directory;  this should be better now.  Thanks to Elena V. for the report.
  • There's a now a "day" and "year" hint to make date entry a little more obvious.
  • Fixed an error that appeared after Scythebill failed to open a file.  Thanks to Mark C. for the report.

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