Sunday, August 23, 2015

Scythebill 12.4.1 - some small fixes

August 24 update: there was a glitch in Scythebill 12.4.1 that affected users that hadn't already upgraded to Scythebill 12.4.0 that showed an error screen right at startup.  I've released Scythebill 12.4.2 with a fix for that problem.  As always, please let me know if you have any problems, and thanks to the users who quickly reported this problem.

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Since Scythebill 12.4.0 was released, I've had a few bug reports adding up to enough to justify a new release.  For most of you, if you've already downloaded 12.4.0, there's no particular reason to upgrade immediately (except, perhaps, on MacOS).

Here's what's been fixed in 12.4.1, from most important to least:

  • MacOS only:  the names of files saved from Scythebill were missing file extensions (".csv", ".xls", etc.).
  • Scythebill 12.4.0 renamed the country of "Burma" to its official name, Myanmar.  If you had manually entered (or imported) Myanmar as a country, upgrading to 12.4.0 could result in having corrupted location data.  No sightings were lost, but location names could be lost.
  • Importing eBird checklists with very long names (anything over 5 words) would fail to find existing locations with matching names.
  • Avisys and Birdbase imports with note data containing a backslash ("\") could fail.
  • Finally, there's a few small checklist improvements.

The one new feature is a small improvement to Avisys imports.  Scythebill will now correctly detect any use of the heard-only, male, female, immature, or photographed flags in Avisys exports.

Huge thanks to all those that reported bug!  As always, download here, and let me know if you have any problems, either on Google+Facebook, or by email

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